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Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Mon Aug 24 09:36:35 EDT 2015

Antlr4 rule capabilities and particularly pattern matcing is weaker than 
yacc/lex (in some cases quite a lot weaker), but it's more concise for 
the production rules, and as you say, it works for any output side. So 
that's a big win. Over time, I expect we'll cnvert everything to Antlr4.

On 24/08/2015 02:53, Bert Verhees wrote:
> I wrote this a bit confusing, too late at night and on my mobile 
> (small screen).
> The idea I wanted to write is that with Antlr4, you can write a 
> grammar, without knowing the purpose of the grammar. If it is used to 
> write a query engine, or if it is used to write a translator from AQL 
> to XQuery or even SQL. It makes no difference for the grammar. This is 
> the first grammar tool ever, which has this feature. All other 
> grammar-tools, also the previous versions of Antlr, and JJ (used for 
> ADL before) needed code-fragments in the grammar and were, in this 
> way, bound to the target purpose.
> So because a grammar can serve anyone, because the grammar is purpose 
> independent, we can all benefit from this idea from Erik.
> That was what I wanted to write yesterday.
> Excuse me for any confusing.
> Bert
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