difference and relationship between openEHR and EN13606

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at rosa.nl
Wed Aug 26 08:59:08 EDT 2015

On 26-08-15 14:44, Ian McNicoll wrote:
> That is fair enough but we were asked to characterise the differences
> between 13606 and openEHR and I am comfortable that the actual and formal
> adoption of AQL is one of those  differences.
If you see it from the formal point of specifications, you are right, 
but as you say, ISO13606 is in a renewal process, and it is hard to 
foresee what will come out of that.
You write yourself that support for ADL/AOM 2.0 is being considered, I 
am very happy to read that.
Then it is a small step to AQL based on AOM 2.0 adoption.

I couldn't think of a strong reason why they should not adopt AQL when 
they adopt AOM2.0.

Untill now, there has only been AOM 1.4, also for OpenEHR, and the AQL 
for AOM 1.4 has always been a moving target.
That is why I never implemented it, but also because I did not really 
need it.
So we could say, that there is no formal specification for AQL based on 
AOM 1.4 and that OpenEHR, technically said, like ISO13606, does not 
support AQL.

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