difference and relationship between openEHR and EN13606

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could we just add  a page on openEHR website to illustrate these points



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Where can one find proposals/diagrams describing the refreshed RM (reference model) in the new 13606 revision? Will 13606 keep using the old data types or harmonize more with CIMI or OpenEHR?

Is there now consensus/majority regarding using ADL/AOM 2.0 for 13606? If so, great!

When it comes to "simplifying" the RM (or perhaps moving complexity to another meta/design-pattern layer) I think CIMI has gone further than 13606. Are there any plans of aligning 13606 with CIMI?

I would suggest that CIMI has been simiplified to the point of not being directly usable as an RM by openEHR or 13606 - most of the needed context information is gone in CIMI, and it doesn't distinguish any kind of 'Entry' or clinical statement.

This was a conscious choice in the CIMI community, designed to get buy-in from a much wider range of stakeholders than openEHR or 13606 deals with. Technically, the CIMI approach is to soft-model nearly everything in 'reference archetypes'.

- thomas
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