difference and relationship between openEHR and EN13606

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at rosa.nl
Fri Aug 28 02:32:15 EDT 2015

On 27-08-15 19:54, Thomas Beale wrote:
> I would suggest that CIMI has been simiplified to the point of not 
> being directly usable as an RM by openEHR or 13606 - most of the 
> needed context information is gone in CIMI, and it doesn't distinguish 
> any kind of 'Entry' or clinical statement.

Are you saying, that the context information from the reference model is 
not used?

> This was a conscious choice in the CIMI community, designed to get 
> buy-in from a much wider range of stakeholders than openEHR or 13606 
> deals with. Technically, the CIMI approach is to soft-model nearly 
> everything in 'reference archetypes'.

and the archetypes fill in the missing reference model context parts?

If so, then this makes the two level modeling approach, of course, much 
more flexible, a kind of new database approach/technique, usable for 
virtual anything.

Sorry if I misunderstand you.


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