Representing microseconds in DateTime

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Tue Feb 2 08:27:58 EST 2016

Well, we can change the spec if people find it confusing, but as far as 
I can see, it doesn't say anything about milliseconds or limiting 
fractional seconds to 3 places.

But if you want to propose a wording change, feel free to raise a PR, we 
can address it in the next minor release.

- thomas

On 02/02/2016 11:42, Koray Atalag wrote:
> Hi Tom, I’ve been experimenting to save to Ehrscape and it seems the 
> implementation is truncating (not rounding off) beyond 3digits. So 
> whatever I include after 3^rd digit is not saved.
> "encounter/body_weight:0/any_event:1/time": 
> "2016-02-01T01:04:09.907123Z" > I get: 
> "encounter/body_weight:0/any_event:1/time": "2016-02-01T01:04:09.907Z"
> To be honest the spec as it reads now seems ambiguous with 3 digits.

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