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pablo pazos pazospablo at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 2 18:31:00 EST 2016

I'm using the XSLT openEHR_RMtoHTML.xsl (found here https://openehr.atlassian.net/wiki/display/dev/openEHR+Composition+XML+to+HTML?focusedCommentId=32014341#comment-32014341) to format XML compositions into HTML in the EHRServer (https://github.com/ppazos/cabolabs-ehrserver).
Recently I added support to DV_IDENTIFIER and DV_DATE to the EHRServer and noticed those DVs weren't supported by the XSLT, so I added them: https://github.com/ppazos/cabolabs-ehrserver/commit/a97047aee7f418fe38b9c58d228742c992aca405
Feel free to grab it from my repo. If there is any official openEHR project that uses that XSLT, I can send a pull request. Just let me know.

Kind regards,
Eng. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez
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