Archetype relational mapping - a practical openEHR persistence solution

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Fri Feb 12 12:26:09 EST 2016

Hi Birger and all!

Our colleagues at the department of computer science here at Linköping
University started exploring storage of archetyped data using Hadoop and a
index variant releated to dewey-encoding. Dewey-style-encoding reminds of
what Thomas mentioned regarding Informix previously in this discussion
thread. (Look at for example the beginning of to see a bit
of Dewey-style-encoding)

The researcher (Fang Wei-Kleiner) moved to USA before anything was
published, but since there seems to be renewed interest in the topic, we're
playing with the idea of submitting something about the initial experiments
(for MIE now if we have time), would that be of interest to read do you

Also there is an openEHR-storage related paper by Sergio Frerie that
has been accepted and soon will be published: "Comparing the Performance of
NoSQL Approaches for Managing Archetype-Based Electronic Health Record
Data". I think that Sergio will annonce that here when final publication is
finished. Hint from that paper: Couchbase is an interesting approach to
explore more if you are looking for openEHR-performance...

Another thing - regarding XML databases do read our old paper ( and include BaseX in your
tests if you are experimenting with open source native XML DBs for openEHR,
it preformed well for "clinical" patient-specific querying even though all
xml databases we tested were not suitable for ad hoc epidemiological
population queries (without query specific indexing).

Best regards,
Erik Sundvall
Ph.D. Medical Informatics. Information Architect. Tel: +46-72-524 54 55 (or
010-1036252 in Sweden)
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On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 11:10 PM, <birger.haarbrandt at> wrote:

> Hi Bert,
> great to hear that you are working on this! I had in mind that someone
> from Linkoping University is working on a prototype, Erik Sundvall
> mentioned it once or twice if I remember correctly. My working group will
> surely try to find a good solution, too. However it would not make sense to
> invent the exact same wheel twice.
> Best,
> Birger
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> Not sure if you ask me Birger, but I will announce the github link here,
> and will build a working prototype in open source. Maybe parallel I will do
> something else, I am not sure about that
> Bert
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> > Thanks! Would be nice to hear about the progress of this effort.
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