Strange use of 'offset' as a settable RM attribute

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Hi Koray,
This is a constraint on the value that origin function returns rather than indicating it is a settable attribute. This was how Sam defined the events on an apgar score, 1 min, 5 min, etc.



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Hi Koray,

I agree - can you create a JIRA PR at ...


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On 12 February 2016 at 04:29, Koray Atalag <k.atalag at<mailto:k.atalag at>> wrote:

We noted it is possible to set values from AE/TD to a RM attribute named "offset"
In the specs<> (looked at >1.0.1) it is not a regular attribute but a function which returns a computed value using diff HISTORY.origin and EVENT.time
Note that this diff can also be a negative value - which doesn't seem to be supported by AE/TD or in instance data

An example ADL:

POINT_EVENT[at0002] occurrences matches {0..*} matches {        -- Any event
               offset matches {
                              DV_DURATION matches {
                                             value matches {|PT0.125S|}

Isn't this weird?
I would expect this to return a value if a valid ISO8601 time has been entered for both HISTORY.origin and EVENT.time but not set as an attribute directly.



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