Archetype relational mapping - a practical openEHR persistence solution

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Tue Feb 16 08:36:19 EST 2016

On 16/02/2016 11:26, Seref Arikan wrote:
> The document oriented view of the domain has no problem with storing 
> XML text in the DB, because the implementations are built against that 
> view. The clinical care focused use cases require developers to focus 
> on reading & writing documents, so there is rarely a requirement to 
> read across documents, because clinicians would not be able to consume 
> all that information at once (except averages or other aggregate 
> values they're interested in)
> So developers mostly deal with put document/get document type of 
> requirements and simply having an XML field (or json for that matter) 
> makes things easy for them. Hence, it makes sense to them.

right - but that's treating a document as an opaque data item, i.e. just 
like a String, that happens to be the value of some field in the overall 

Old blog post 
on the difference between blobs and documents...

- thomas
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