Strange use of 'offset' as a settable RM attribute

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Wed Feb 17 06:00:31 EST 2016

Using the rules could be a useful approach. One thing we decided in the 
SEC meeting last week was to rework the 'rules' part of ADL as a small 
core model in the BASE component and then re-use that back into ADL2 and 
also GDL. This will result in a new small BASE/Rules specification and 
the ADL2 and GDL models of rules will then be rewritten to be based on 
this. I'm working on the BASE/Rules component right now, and will put it 
up very soon in draft (status = DEVELOPMENT) form, so anyone can have a 
go at working on it.

I've managed to clean up some of the semantics around functions and 
variables etc, so I think the initial version will be reasonable. There 
are others who know this area better than I do, so I encourage them to 
have a look and if interested to contribute to improving the models, get 

BTW the ADL workbench does display rules:

- thomas

On 17/02/2016 09:08, Diego Boscá wrote:
> Both ADL1.4 and ADL2 support assertions (rules in ADL2)
> The bad news about that is that I believe that no ADL editor supports 
> them yet (as far as I know). We are now researching in this area and 
> will have some results in the near future.

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