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Wed Feb 17 15:59:45 EST 2016

We are discussing the use of Composition.Category which is a DV_CODED_TEXT.
There is a terminology:

<group name="composition category">
                               <concept id="431" rubric="persistent"/>
                               <concept id="433" rubric="event"/>

Is it required to use only these categories or could an application set any DV_CODED_TEXT?

I think it would be ok to allow any category in this.

To be concrete:
The use-case is discharge summaries. These are Compositions which only ("mostly") contains links to existing entries. We will be using links but since the Composition should be transferred to another health provider it must be serialized and validated against an template. Technically this Compostions contains a lot of entries which is "link to self".

The idea we are considering is to introduce a category for these Compositions. The content will not be part of AQL results for normal use-cases. But IF you ask explicit for these categories you will be able to query for discharge summaries which contains body weight above 120 kg.
 If we only add the references as links it will not be possible to add them into forms and neither use a Template to validate the content. This is the reason we are "thinking out of the box".

Any comments on this?

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