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Fri Mar 4 03:50:15 EST 2016

Re: process, yes, it needs to be managed separately. Ian is the 
terminology component owner. But I assumed Bjørn  was talking about the 
semantics of the new term - 'Report'. Bjørn - can you elaborate on what 
Compositions would merit the 'report' Composition category?

- thomas

On 04/03/2016 08:45, Heath Frankel wrote:
> Hi Bjorn,
> How did you come up with the concept id of 434? We need to be careful 
> about assigning our own concept ids, we really need openEHR to assign 
> these, I suggest through the SEC process initiated by a Jira card.
> At present we have two terminology files, as you know we have agreed 
> to use the java implementation’s terminology xml file as the interim 
> standard representation but there are already concept ids allocated in 
> the Archetype Editor terminology file which existed before the 
> terminology specification and the java implementation. In this case it 
> looks like 434 is safe to use as it is not assigned to an openEHR 
> concept in the Archetype Editor, but 435 is allocated to an openEHR 
> concept in the setting group, which appears to be missing from the 
> terminology specification and the java implementation xml.
> Let’s start using the SEC process for managing openehr terminology 
> concepts.
> Regards
> Heath
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> I just added a «composition category» on my fork of the terminology 
> project.
> <group name="composition category">
>                              <concept id="431" rubric="persistent"/>
>                              <concept id="433" rubric="event"/>
> + <concept id="434" rubric="report"/>
>               </group>
> Any comments?

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