openEHR-Based PhD Thesis Successfully Defended

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Bi congrats Nadim - FYI your thesis<> is already accessible from openEHR Research Library<> on Zotero.



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Subject: openEHR-Based PhD Thesis Successfully Defended

Dear all,

Following Diego's email, I would like to also announce my successfully defended PhD thesis (on the 12th of February 2016):

This thesis explores ways of how openEHR can come into evidence-based practice via clinical practice guidelines. It covers the following in essence, amongst some other things:

-        It proposes a method for representing guidelines based on CARE_ENTRY types, the so-called Care Entry-Network Model.

-        It gives one of the first ever detailed accounts of how the openEHR-based Guideline Definition Language (GDL) works.

-        It conducts the first ever GDL-based study using patient data from a registry.

-        The latter effort, using the Safe Implementation of Treatments in Stroke (SITS) international patient data registry, leads to real clinical findings.


Nadim Anani, PhD
Centrum för hälsoinformatik / Health Informatics Centre (HIC)
Karolinska Institutet
SE-17177 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel. +46-8-524-83607
Email: nadim.anani at<mailto:nadim.anani at>
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