Socio-technical challenges when the openEHR approach is put to use in Norwegian hospitals

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Mon Mar 14 09:12:30 EDT 2016

I think my reaction of last weekend must have been confusing.

I mixed up two subjects
- The fantastic ideas about how information and communication and 
software development should work, and good discussions about that, but 
also theoretical,
- The reality, which seems we are still stuck in the year 2000, in the 
Netherlands, but also on many other places, using HL7v2, Edifact, email 
as message transportation, no fine grained authorizations, and spending 
lots of money without making much progress. Fore example, now there is a 
official advise not to use WhatsApp for communicating medical information.

I should not have mixed up these two subjects, although they always mix 
up at my daily routines.

I am sorry for the confusion I might have caused.

Best regards
Bert Verhees

On 14-03-16 13:55, Ian McNicoll wrote:
> Many thanks Jan (and of course to the author),
> Clearly this paper has aroused considerable interest/debate. It is
> good that the whole community can see it and and discuss in details.
> Ian
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>> I asked to author to send the accepted version of the manuscript to the mailing list. She is not on the list, but I got permission to so so. Please see attached.
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