rm_type_name for the DV_DURATIONs primitive object in XML

"Gerard Freriks (privé)" gfrer at luna.nl
Thu Mar 17 04:54:09 EDT 2016

What is EN13606 specifying?
What about in the new release?

In my opinion.
Duration is a derived attribute of an episode of a process.
It is expressed in absolute terms in units of measurement that express any number of time units.
Or in relative terms in relation to an other episode (process) or point in time. Plus a relationship between the two.

Point in time can be absolute: expressed as a point on the time line with a defined granularity
Or relative to an other point in time or an episode (process) plus the relationship between the two.

In archetype models we need an archetype pattern to specify all these possible patterns.
What I describe is not really a Data Type, but a complex archetype pattern.

I only need the point in time data type
and a standard way to define attributes of any episode(process).

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> On 15 mrt. 2016, at 17:01, Diego Boscá <yampeku at gmail.com> wrote:
> To make things worse, in the XML Schema DV_DURATION contains an
> Iso8601Duration, which in the end is an string with a regex
> 2016-03-15 16:43 GMT+01:00 Sebastian Garde
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