RM Participations name/role?

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at openehr.org
Wed Nov 23 11:32:47 EST 2016

Hi Silje,

has a codable attribute 'function' for this purpose (calling it 
'function' rather than 'role' came from 13606). It may be that you want 
to state a 'role' as well, i.e. to say that a certain /kind of person/ 
is required, and then use function to state the actual function that 
person is supposed to do in the particular activity in question.

I would have expected 'function' to be sufficient for your example - 
just use 2 x other_participations on the OBSERVATION.

An example of needing both could be something like:

  * role = nurse
  * function = foley catheterisation

Currently 'role' is only known in the demographic model, i.e. on the 
other side of the PARTY_PROXY.external_ref link. It may make sense to 
add a role attribute to PARTICIPATION at some point if we need to 
distinguish the type of person (qualification) from what they do in the 

- thomas

On 23/11/2016 06:29, Bakke, Silje Ljosland wrote:
> Hi,
> We’re wondering if it’s possible to specify what the role was of each 
> instance of Participation in an OBSERVATION archetype? For instance in 
> a histopathology result the macroscopic description will often be 
> performed by a different person from the microscopic description. 
> We’re thinking both will be listed using participation, but we need to 
> be able to document which person did what.
> Kind regards,
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