Add SNOMED codes to values in Internal code set

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There are various things to consider

 1. bind the SNOMED codes you want in the archetype term_binding section
 2. consider how you design your templates, in the sense of what codes -
    the internal, or the SNOMED get stored at runtime.
 3. consider how the CDR implementation Operational Templates (OPTs) -
    i.e. does it do any kind of terminological substitutions?

Background information:

  * Terminology Integration section of the ADL2 specification.
  * OPT2 spec
    which explains some of the logical options that can be implemented
    with OPTs.

- thomas

On 15/04/2017 02:59, Dileep V S wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to model some archetypes using coded text. The option 
> values should ideally come from SNOMED. Currently we do not have 
> access to a terminology service and so we are using Internal codes to 
> achieve what we want.
> However we would like recorded values to also include their SNOMED 
> codes for backward compatibility when we start using terminology 
> service in the future. How can we include a terminology code with the 
> option values in internal code set.
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