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Hi All,

please use this link to refer to the SNOMED CT URI Standard:

This page contains more info about SNOMED CT languages:

On ons, 2017-04-26 at 14:00 +0100, Thomas Beale wrote:

In the new world of URIs representing SNOMED codes, this "SNOMED-CT" value for the terminology_id is understood as an openEHR-local (and maybe more widely agreed) namespace alias for the SNOMED CT namespace whose URI is (see

Practically speaking this means that if other variants exist, e.g. 'snomed_ct', 'SNOMED_CT' and so on, they can all be defined as aliases for SNOMED CT, in different contexts such as archetype tools, AQL queries and so on.

BTW, the ARchetype editor should generate URIs of this form for terminologies (from the ADL2 converted form of the CKM BP archetype):

    term_bindings = <
        ["SNOMED-CT"] = <
            ["id1"] = <><>
            ["id5"] = <><>
            ["id6"] = <><>
            ["id14"] = <><>
        ["openehr"] = <
            ["at1055"] = <><>
            ["at1056"] = <><>
            ["at1057"] = <><>

- thomas

On 25/04/2017 07:03, Ian McNicoll wrote:
SNOMED-CT is the official designator, based on the archetype editor terminology list.
On Tue, 25 Apr 2017 at 06:36, Pablo Pazos <pablo.pazos at<mailto:pablo.pazos at>> wrote:
Congratulations about the new adoption!

The IHTSDO recommends to use exactly "SNOMED CT" as the *name*, in our specs we are using SNOMED-CT as the name (it should be corrected to the name preferred by the IHTSDO). On an event they explicitly asked to avoid the SNOMED-CT with the hyphen when referencing the standard.

As for the term id, I've seen [snomed-ct::35917007 on the specs, or SNOMED-CT on sample archetypes:

Tested on the Ocean's archetype editor and they use:

constraint_bindings = <
        ["SNOMED-CT"] = <
            items = <
                ["ac0001"] = <terminology:SNOMED-CT/release?subset=cabolabs>

On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 7:33 PM, Bjørn Næss <bna at<mailto:bna at>> wrote:
Norway just became a SNOMED country.
One simple question – what is the correct terminologyId to use for SNOMED-CT.

Currently we use ‘SNOMEDCT’ like below. Is this correct?

 <value xsi:type="DV_CODED_TEXT">
                    <value>Høyre øye</value>

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