Major update to openEHR Task Planning (workflow) draft specification

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Thu Jun 1 00:40:21 EDT 2017

I have published a major update to the Task Planning draft specification 
It now includes sequential and parallel groups, conditional pathways, 
and a new model of execution time structures. It's still very rough in 
places, but in the interests of 'publish early publish often'...

The main thing to be obtained from this version is that the general 
model structure I think is about right, i.e. the separation of Task List 
definition, runtime structures and execution history.

All comments welcome, either

  * here, for general comments
  * the wiki page
    <>, for
    solutions to issues flagged in the text
  * SPECRM-58 Change Request on Jira
    for typos, general errors.

Clinical people may like to look at the requirements, and are of course 
welcome to common on anything else as well.

- thomas

Thomas Beale
Principal, Ars Semantica <>
Consultant, ABD Team, Intermountain Healthcare 
Management Board, Specifications Program Lead, openEHR Foundation 
Chartered IT Professional Fellow, BCS, British Computer Society 
Health IT blog <> | Culture blog 
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