Little sync problem in Java-code regarding ResourceItem

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Thu Jun 1 03:50:35 EDT 2017


A  short notification for there is a small but disturbing problem in 
Java-lib code, which I was studying for some project purpose.

In the code in java-libs is in conflict with the specifications (the 
specifications are right, also conform the many examples on CKM). It is 
not a big thing, but can be confusing for someone new in OpenEHR.

I did not find a Jira-project to post it, so I do it here.


The explanation, for if some wants to repair it.

It is about these documents/source files:

and this:

In 5 is *details* of kind Hash<String, ResourceDescription>, which is 
also in analogy with 4, where there is an example.
But this conflicts with 1, where there is the code of the 
Archetype-class which inherits from 3 (where the ResourceDescription is 
found, which is indeed the ResourceDescription class from 2)

There error also occurs in

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