AOM 1.4 - Archetype.uid a UUID or OID?

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Fri Jun 16 13:20:49 EDT 2017

Wouldn't it be a good idea to have the build_uid of type HIER_OBJECT_ID, 
and have it the same UUID as the uid-property and behind the UUID the 
double colon and then the buildnumber?

It would do right to the HIER_OBJECT_ID nature of being hierarchical in 
the way that it would represent a hierarchy of builds.
And it would make it machine-interpretable that it would be related to 
the uid-property, and it would make it machine-interpretable which build 
of the original uid it is.

As it is now, a machine cannot relate the build_uid to the original 

In this way, it also does not matter which type the root is, because the 
mechanism still works.


On 16-06-17 00:23, Thomas Beale wrote:
> from here 
> <>:
> Two machine identifiers are defined for archetypes. 
> The|ARCHETYPE|.|/uid/|attribute defines a machine identifier 
> equivalent to the human 
> readable|ARCHETYPE|.|/archetype_id/|.|/semantic_id/|, 
> i.e.|ARCHETYPE_HRID|up to its major version, and changes whenever the 
> latter does. It is defined as optional but to be practically useful 
> would need to be mandatory for all archetypes within a custodian 
> organisation where this identifier was in use. It could in principle 
> be synthesised at any time for a custodian that decided to implement it.
> The|ARCHETYPE|.|/build_uid/|attribute is also optional, and if used, 
> is intended to provide a unique identifier that corresponds to any 
> change in version of the artefact. At a minimum, this means generating 
> a new UUID for each change to:
>  *
>     |ARCHETYPE|.|/archetype_id/|.|/release_version/|;
>  *
>     |ARCHETYPE|.|/archetype_id/|.|/build_count/|;
>  *
>     |ARCHETYPE|.|/description/|.|/lifecycle_state/|.
> For every change made to an archetype inside a controlled repository 
> (for example, addition or update of meta-data fields), this field 
> should be updated with a new UUID value, generated in the normal way.
> - thomas
> On 15/06/2017 23:09, Bert Verhees wrote:
>> Seems that the story is not finished yet. Someone in a project I work 
>> made the joke to rename HIER_OBJECT_ID to ANY_KIND_OF_ID, because it 
>> can represent almost any type of id.
>> What is the official defined purpose of the Archetype.uid property?
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