AOM 1.4 - Archetype.uid a UUID or OID?

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Sun Jun 18 17:12:29 EDT 2017

How about the idea of using the same UUID ofr the build_uid- and 
uid-property, but then extended with a version number?

Giving a different UUID to the build_uid makes it impossible to a 
machine to relate the build_uid to the original archetype.uid.
It seems that the build_uid is quite useless how it is arranged now. It 
just indicates a new version, but not which version, and the which 
versions are older and what the original version was. There is external 
administration needed, I think this can be avoided.

Sorry if I miss the point. It might be explained somewhere.


On 17-06-17 15:11, Thomas Beale wrote:
> On 16/06/2017 21:13, Bert Verhees wrote:
>> UID can also be INTERNET_ID, and the "extension" and double colon are 
>> not required, so the HIER_OBJECT_ID cannot represent anything, but it 
>> is a lot.
>> Of course it is a matter of taste, maybe there are good arguments to 
>> make the archetype.uid available for so many ID-types.
> I'm not saying it's the best design, and if we had our time again, we 
> might do something simpler. All I am saying is we need to understand 
> objectively what the model that is there says, so that developers and 
> users know how to work with it.
> - thomas
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