SHRINE for openEHR ?

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IIRC the LHS toolbox project at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is doing federated AQL queries? I don’t know the details, but I suspect someone else on this list do.


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I know that some work is intended to do federated AQL for the UK GEL 10,000 Genomes project where there are 12 London hospitals each with their own CDR but common openEHR archetypes and templates I'm not sure how far along that is.

I am working with some comp sci students to do a very simple version but this will be no more sophisticated than send ing an equivalent AQL to several CDRs and 'munging' the returning resultSets. That should be visible as an OSS project within a few weeks.


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There is not at the moment, although various people have been thnking about distributed AQL querying for some years now. THe interesting version is where server-side computation is used, which is more compliant with legislation that prohibits health data to flow out of systems to users with no care relationship.

We don't have a technical work-up of the solution for doing distributed queries yet (at least not a public one), so if you have technical proposals, we would be interested to see them.

- thomas

On 01/10/2018 08:54, Georg Fette wrote:
Is there an equivalent to i2b2's SHRINE in the openEHR world ? SHRINE is a system that distributed an i2b2 query to a network of i2b2 installations and aggregates the returned results.

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