Archetype modelling pattern for Physical examination findings

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Hi everyone,

3 weeks ago I asked for feedback about the physical examination patterns, below.

We've had one clinician comment on the page but not a lot of other feedback.

If I don't hear anything further then I will assume agreement in principle and I will start building the models based on the recommended pattern so we can test it further.



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Subject: Archetype modelling pattern for Physical examination findings

Hi everyone,

The CKM editors have been gradually refining our views on how to model Physical examination findings for many years now. There have been many hours wasted exploring options that have had dead ends. We'd like to prevent others having the same experience by sharing and publishing an agreed pattern and we feel that we have one ready for broader consumption.

We clearly needed to find a solution that works from a modelling point of view ensuring that the clinically diverse requirements are catered for, as well as the needs of implementers for querying etc.

I have developed a page on the wiki to try to explain our proposal and provide some examples -

Comments welcome, probably best if you add them to the wiki page, please.



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