AQL query for blood pressure from the AQL documentation

Georg Fette georg.fette at
Mon Apr 29 17:49:58 EDT 2019

I have a problem with the interpretation of an AQL query from the AQL 
documentation. In section 6.3 the path to the value of the systolic 
blood pressure is
The first part until
denotes a DV_QUANTITY.
Where is the additional field 'value' of the type DV_QUANTITY defined ?
The class itself defines the fields 'magnitude', 'precision', 'units', 
'normal_range' and 'other_reference_ranges'. Its parent class DV_AMOUNT 
defines 'accurany_is_percent' and 'accuracy'. The next parent 
DV_QUANTIFIED defines 'magnitude_status' and again 'accuracy'. The next 
parent DV_ORDERED defines 'normal_status', 'normal_range' and again 
'other_reference_ranges'. The two parents of DV_ORDERED are DATA_VALUE 
and Ordered, both define no fields.
Has this field access to be 'magnitude' instead of 'value' or am I 
missing something ?

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