constraining of laboratory_test_analyte Analyte result

Georg Fette georg.fette at
Mon Apr 29 18:46:09 EDT 2019

How do I constrain the Analyte result of a laboratory_test_analyte.v1 ?
The Analyte result are defined as an ELEMENT that is only constrained by 
a node predicate (i.e. ELEMENT[at0001]). Therefore the results cannot be 
bound with a specialized type and an alias within the FROM part, as in 
the FROM part only archetypeID-predicates are allowed and no node 
predicates. As the result is defined with the abstract ELEMENT type, 
which has an abstract DATA_VALUE as its content, no paths can be defined 
that constrain specific aspects of subclasses of DATA_VALUE that are 
actually stored in the ELEMENT[at0001] field of the test_analyte.
How can this problem be resolved ?

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